It was particularly hot and humid.

I ended up somewhere in the east village, hungry and dissatisfied with the results so far. I was walking on the west side of the street, no sun. I walked into next restaurant without having any idea of what it was.

Oh, vegetarian, vegan. I sat down.

“What would you recommend?’

The lady at the bar knew I was in the wrong place and proceeded with a polite response.

“Umm maybe the Panini would be good for you, water?”

I sat and waited; I did not like the décor in there. Everything was older, wooden, and blocky. The light was diffused by orange curtains, which covered half of the windows. This picked up the tones in the wooden furniture.

The attractive Black woman brought me water and said my food would not take long. I looked at the bad furniture again. The people in the restaurant seemed to be enjoying themselves, the music sounded Ethiopian but I am unsure.

The tight room is not quite full, a few people here and there. The couple two tables down from me are having a conversation about New York things, they laugh, look around the room, eat, I’m staring, but
it seems to pass the time. I like how they are dressed.

“I spent last Christmas in Berlin, it was the strangest experience I have ever had, I hate being away from New York Christmas time.”

I recognized this, bossa nova.

The Panini arrives, water filled. The plate is also filled with root vegetables. I eat very quickly. Somewhere between Panini and vegetables I hear voices from the back of the restaurant.

I look at the attractive Black woman again; her hair is in an afro, white tank top, very nice skin. She looks; I avert my eyes and ears towards the white couple. They’re talking about Christmas again, in the middle of July.
The white lady speaks, “I cant stand the tourists though, hovelling around the stores, rushing”
The white guy responds, “honey there are always tourists here, but I guess at that time they’re worse”
She speaks again, “They just keep getting in the way of us native New Yorkers who need to get to where we need to get to, I could just punch them” She laughs and looks around to see if anyone was listening, I was, but had anticipated the look, I’m busy finishing my root vegetables. They were delicious.

I finish my meal and leave the money on the table and I walk out the door.

January 5, 12:23 2011