collaboration: tanya lukin linklater / duane linklater

cello: anne bourne

dance: ceinwen gobert

MOCCA Toronto in conjunction with Images Festival 2013

Using Teshigahara's Woman in the Dunes and Flaherty's Nanook of the North as source material for this collaborative work, both artists created a series of works in the gallery. The installation consists of a slow silent 2 channel video of landscape shots from both films, and natural material of sand and salt placed on the floor of the gallery - at the centre of the work both artists composed dance and sound from the film with Duane taking material from the score of Woman in the Dunes which was originally composed by Toru Takemitsu and creating his own score. Using specific gestural components directly taken from Nanook of the North, Tanya emerged with choreography, a solo contemporary dance. For one week, there were a series of open rehearsals revealing the process. This all culminated in a 45 minute performance of both sound and dance as a final component of the exhibition.